Replacement Pull Pins

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Product Overview

Replacement Pull Pin Assembly .

The pull pin assemblies are used if you have damaged or bent an existing pull pin. They are Loctited from the factory and removal my difficult. A 1/2" open end wrench will be required. Also, check mating part for damage. The replacement of this component may not fix the whole problem. These pull pins are used on different items through our product line up. Check list for which pin you need or remove problem pin and match part with picture. Biggest difference is in the tip of the pin, flat or round.

Swivel Base Pin (Flat end)

  • Fits only Swivel Base

Boom Pivot Pin (round end)

  • Boom Lock, Up position
  • Boom Lock, Down Position
  • Quick Removal Base Pull Pin

*Boom Lock, down position is shipped as an unused  hole opposite the boom lock, up position hole. Simply adding a locking pin to this side will keep your downrigger boom locked in the down position until you pull the pin. See picture if unclear.