5 Pak Replacement Counter Belts

Replacement Counter Belts for MZ Series Downrigger. New UV resistant counter belts for all Magnum Metalz Downriggers. These are no longer "o-rings" they are UV resistant Polyurethane belts. We have had great results with these during testing. Broken...

Boom Pulleys

Replacement Boom Pulleys for all MZ Series Downriggers.Replacement Boom Pulleys for all Magnum Metalz downriggers. Periodically the small boom pulley may need to be replaced. All pulleys are offered if needed.Small pulley is replaced by simply removing...

Circuit Breaker

Replacement Circuit Breaker .Over time the downrigger Circuit Breaker may need replacing. This is quick and easy using this replacement. Make sure that when removing and reinstalling all wires are put on the correct lug. Sometimes it is best to take a...

Clutch Washer Kit

Magnum Metalz Clutch Washer Kit.From Time to time your clutch washers may need to be replaced. This is a complete kit for replacing all front and rear clutch washers. Take care when removing old washers, pay attention to the order in which they are...
Marinco Plug & Receptacle

Downrigger Plug & Receptacle

The ConnectPro downrigger & trolling motor plug and receptacle system is a revolutionary concept in downrigger & trolling motor DC connections. The superior electric current carrying capacity of the ConnectPro system eliminates problems that rob...

Downrigger Switch

Replacement Downrigger Switch .Over time the downrigger switch may need replacing. This is quick and easy using this replacement switch. Make sure that when removing and reinstalling all wires are put on the correct lug. Sometimes it is best to take a...

Dubro Shock Kit & Line Release

Dubro Shock kit & Line Release for all MZ Series Downriggers. Replacement Shock Absorber kit from Dubro Products.Replacement Line Release from Dubro Products. If you have to cut downrigger cable due to fray you will only need the crimp barrels...

Emergency Handle

Magnum Metalz Emergency Handle. The Magnum metalz Emergency Handle will fit all downriggers that have the tapped hole in the side of the reel plate. Some early riggers were sold without this option. In the event of loss of power or motor failure,...

Line Guide Assembly

Replacement Line Guide & line Guide pulley. New style pulleys are being shipped on all downriggers after serial #00355. These items are direct replacement parts for all existing MZ series Downriggers. The pulley kit consists of small...

Mounting & Conversion Plates

Mounting & Conversion Plates.All mounting and conversion plates are machined from 3/8" thick aluminum and then given a clear anodize finish to protect it from oxidation.  Magnum Metalz Mounting Plate This is a direct replacement for the...

Replacement Ball Hook

Replacement Ball Hook & Ball Hook Assembly for all MZ Series Downriggers.Replacement Ball Hooks for all Magnum Metalz downriggers. This is normally only replaced when lost, the hooks are Loctited in and then the 1/4" jam nut is tightened at the...

Replacement Boom Parts

MZ Series Downrigger Booms and Boom Extensions . Boom & Boom extensions are used for extending the length of your existing Magnum Metalz Downrigger Booms or replacing damaged or bent parts.One piece booms come in 12" & 18". Boom extensions come...

Replacement Boom Pivot

Replacement Boom PivotUsually, this part is damaged when the boom hits something it should not and the boom will not stay in the upright position. replacement is quick and simple. Loosen set screw on underside of boom pivot, remove boom and set aside...

Replacement Clutch Knob

Replacement Clutch Knob for all MZ Series Downriggers. Replacement clutch knob for all Magnum Metalz downriggers. Soft touch knob with 1/2-20 threaded brass insert.

Replacement Counter

Replacement Counter for all MZ Series Downriggers.Replacement counter for all Magnum Metalz downriggers. Comes complete as shown with counter, counter pulley and 2 mounting screws. Requires 3/32 allen wrench for installation.

Replacement Motors

Replacement Downrigger Motor .For replacement or simply upgrading your downriggers speed or slowing it down. Both motors will fit all downrigger models. There is no size or mounting differences between motors. It is a pretty simple switch over and should...

Replacement Pull Pins

Replacement Pull Pin Assembly .The pull pin assemblies are used if you have damaged or bent an existing pull pin. They are Loctited from the factory and removal my difficult. A 1/2" open end wrench will be required. Also, check mating part for damage...

Replacement/Spare Spool

Spare SpoolGet spare spools for those times when changing cable while fishing is not an option. Tournaments, charters or those nasty days on the lake. If your cable frays, and you would prefer re-spooling back at the dock yet you need to keep fishing...

Rod Holder Assembly

Replacement Rod Holder AssembliesSingle rod holder assembly used to replace damaged or lost assembly. Both will work with any downrigger or rod holder. Only difference is railmount replacement comes with separation locking screw, normally found on...

Swivel Base

Magnum Metalz Swivel Base. Anodized aluminum with Stainless Steel Ball Bearings. Locks in every 45 degrees. Will work with any Magnum Metalz Downrigger or Rod Holder. Center hole for "Thru Center" wiring of Downrigger. Comes with 4 screws to attach to...

Third Rod Arm

Third Rod ArmDownriggers without a third rod arm can be upgraded to add this feature. Item is shipped with all mounting hardware. You will need to supply a 5/32" allen wrench and loctite. This is an easy way to add extra rod holders without drilling any...