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Replacement Downrigger Motor .

For replacement or simply upgrading your downriggers speed or slowing it down. Both motors will fit all downrigger models. There is no size or mounting differences between motors. It is a pretty simple switch over and should take about 15 minutes to swap. Comes with new screws to hold electric box to motor which are already coated in Tef-gel to insure easy removal in the future.

To replace, remove 4 small screws that hold electric box to motor using a 3/32 allen wrench. Unplug motor from switch and set box aside. Remove clutch knob and clutch washers, notice order they are installed, set aside. Remove spool from motor shaft, set aside. Remove (3) 1/4" screws from right side of motor using a 3/16 allen wrench. Motor can now be removed. install new motor.