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Product Overview

MZ Series Downrigger Booms and Boom Extensions .

Boom & Boom extensions are used for extending the length of your existing Magnum Metalz Downrigger Booms or replacing damaged or bent parts.

One piece booms come in 12" & 18". Boom extensions come in 6" & 12" and with or without coupling nuts. Coupling nuts are the means to which boom extensions are joined together.

Boom length can be a personal preference or needed to clear a swim platform. Just take into consideration the size of weight being used when extending past the "Stock" length of three 12" extensions. If using 12 lb weights, boom length may not be an issue but if you are using 25 lb balls, the further you extend the boom the more leverage you will be placing on all fasteners holding downrigger together, fasteners holding downrigger to boat & the actual gunnels of the vessel. For example, the force put on the 2 back screws that hold the swivel base to the mounting plate when using all boom extensions and a 12 lb ball in calm seas is 192 lbs, if you use a 20 lb ball the force increases to 320 lbs.

Any questions about these items that were not explained do not hesitate contacting us.