MZ-3500 Triple Rod Holder Downrigger

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The MZ-3500 3 Rodholder Downrigger.

Consisting of everything the seasoned charter Captain looks for in a downrigger. Built tough for everyday use from stainless steel & anodized aluminum. Liquid smooth clutch eliminates need for auto stop. Powerful motor with IP66 water protection. Tinned power cable for years of worry free use. Capable of lifting 25 lb weights in both motor speeds day in and day out gives you the deep water advantage. Both rodholders have 9 angular adjustments and 24 rotational positions with 1 handed angular adjustability. Through center wiring for clean, professional mounting. Small 3" x 3" mounting plate with the small boater in mind.

The Downrigger comes Equipped as follows:

  • 2 Fully Adjustable Rodholders
  • Third rod arm with Angular adjustability 
  • 1 foot, 1 Boom (Longer Lengths available)
  • Spacer Base (Swivel or Quick Removal Upgrade available)
  • Ball Hanger
  • 200 ft of 150 lb Stainless Cable (Upgrade available)
  • 130 fpm Motor (200 fpm motor available)
  • 6' tinned power cable (longer lengths available)
  • DuBro "Shock Absorber" kit
  • DuBro adjustable tension "Line Release"
  • Multiple mounting Options
  • 11" rod tube spacing to accept cleaning table

We designed this downrigger for the small boat owner with all the features and options the everyday charter captain needs.

Product Reviews

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Competitive pricing for a quality downrigger
Written by Jon on 5th Mar 2018

I have fished the great lakes for many years and have owned most types of downriggers. These are the best yet. I'm not looking for a rigger with all the bells and whistles. I want a quality downrigger that is well made and dependable. My priorities were to get a simple downrigger that anybody can use with a motor that can haul a big ball and the cable capacity to reach the bottom easily in deeper water. This downrigger does all that at a great price. I have no regrets and would recommend them to anybody. Here are the positives as I see them... Simple durable and attractive design. Powerful motor. Great company and support! Large Cable capacity (ordered mine with 400' and room for more). Pulley design which does not allow for cable to spool off pulley when bouncing bottom. Comes with 3 rod holders which are high quality just like the downrigger. No Creep. Clutch system is so smooth it can act like the auto-stop. Comes with good terminator kit as well as Blacks style release. I'm hoping the replacement of the spring on counter with the band eliminates broken springs. Negatives - I have one very minor complaint that does not detract from an overall outstanding downrigger and one accessory item I wish Magnum Metalz offered... I love that the downrigger comes with the 3rd rod holder! But, I like to use the center holder angled real low almost parallel to boom. When resetting lines on a longer boom where you have to pick the boom up to reach the release the boom will hit the holder before locking. The downriggers look awesome and like most downriggers they have lots areas for spiders to crawl into. I wish they offered a protective cover to put on riggers when not in use. Thanks

Not just the best downrigger around, but best support and customer service!
Written by Brian Forman on 12th Sep 2017

Cannot say enough about Bill and his staff. Had Proos, Big Jon and Cannons. These downriggers are no comparison! Hands down the best downriggers I have ever owner. Besides the functionality the are also the best looking downrigger on the market! I had an issue twice (both were my mistakes) and was taken care of promptly and at no charge. This level of service is rarely seen these days.

Best Downriggers Around
Written by Bama Breeze Sportfishing on 18th Apr 2017

Shawn did a fantastic job recommending these riggers for our boat. They have no trouble pulling 40 pound weights off the bottom. After purchasing these elite riggers we will never use a different brand. They are worth every penny.