Rail Mount with Oversize Clamp

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Product Overview

Railmount for Large Tubes

This is the same rod holder as the standard rail mount except it can be mounted to oversize or large tube/pipe diameters. Rail mount Rod Holders are used for rod storage, planer boards, leadcores or coppers. Easily mounts to any round pipe or tube on your boat. Each rod holder has 9 angular and 24 rotational positions adjustable by hand. Anti-seperation screw for any accidental angular adjustment due to heavy seas or large, heavy rods. The positive lock rotational serrations remove any possibility of accidental rotation. Carefully measure tube they will mount to with caliper or other accurate measuring device. Anodized finish for years of worry free use.

Measuring the Tube

You will need to take an accurate measurement of the tube you will be clamping this rod holder to as shown in the photo. The number entered in the "clamp size" text field will have to be in a inch size with three decimal places. Example: 1.902  measure multiple times and in numerous places, stay away from bends when measuring as these tend to change pipe sizes. Cheap calipers can usually be purchased from your local home improvement center. Contact us with any questions or about us sending a pair of calipers for a nominal price. Maximum diameter is 2.500 (2 1/2")

**Expect minimum 2 week delivery for these as they are custom**