Line Guide Assembly

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Product Overview

Replacement Line Guide & line Guide pulley.

New style pulleys are being shipped on all downriggers after serial #00355. These items are direct replacement parts for all existing MZ series Downriggers. The pulley kit consists of small plastic pulley and pin.

Replacement is easy, simply use small, flat ended punch and small hammer to tap pin out of existing line guide and install new pin and pulley. When standing behind downrigger, angle on line guide should be toward you. Tap pin from left side of line guide. (pin is pressed in left side a slip on right)

Replacement of complete line guide is also easy, remove either the coupling nut at next boom section or entire boom from downrigger. Removing boom will require a 1/8" allen wrench as will removing old line guide. After boom or coupling nut has been removed loosen 1/4" set screw from bottom of line guide using previously mentioned allen wrench. Slide new line guide on and slowly tightening screw while slowly rotating back and forth so set screw tightens perpendicular to flat. re-install boom or coupling nut.

Any questions can be answered by a quick call if these instructions don't seem clear.