downrigger for small boatThe new Magnum Metalz downrigger is full of new design features to make it longer lasting and more reliable. Let's start with the mounting plate, it is now more compact, designed with the small boat fisherman in mind. It is 3" x 3" with a hole in the center giving you the ability to run the power cable through. The swivel base is also smaller and is also designed to have the power cable run through the center.

We went back to the serration-loc rodholders because they just work. They are a time tested design and the failure rate of these were nil. With simple wrench adjustability on the 24 rotational positions they were flawless. The 8 angle adjustments will also remain the same except for some upgrades on the pin design.

downrigger with flip up boomThe downrigger will also keep the flip up boom design with a lock in the up position and an available lock in the down position. The boom will remain a 3/4" diameter 7075 aircraft grade aluminum and come in three pieces with a knurled coupling nut giving you the ability to use a 1, 2 or 3 foot boom standard. Extra extensions can be purchased for longer boom lengths. The boom end has been redesigned to prevent pulley wear and pulleys are machined from a self lubricating UHMW designed for chain guides. so far pulley life has been increased to over 3 years. Main pulley is covered to eliminate cable jump. Entire unit can be disassembled with 2 screws and snap ring pliers.

Magnum DownriggerThe spool and clutch system have also been upgraded. The clutch adjustment knob has been upgraded to a soft touch, 8 flute knob. The spool has been downsized and widened. The downrigger will be sold with 200' of 150 lb stainless cable. It will still easily hold 400 ft of cable and can be added at purchase.

The clutch system has also been upgraded. Clutch washers are hidden behind the counter pulley to keep them free of any dirt or debris. The counter pulley is now recessed into the motor mounting bracket so it can no longer jump off. And finally, the design of the new motor gives us the ability to replace the motor shaft if ever damaged.

downrigger motor upgradeThe motor upgrade is one of the best improvements. Our new motor company is supplying us 140 & 205 fpm motors. Both have 39 in/lbs of torque and and will easily retrieve 25 lb weights. The best thing is they are IP66 rated against water penetration. This means that they are protected against internal corrosion. This is water causes 95% of motor failures. Also, the new motors have no external brushes that will need cleaning or replacing. This will result in a longer lasting more reliable product. Finally, we have changed out power cord to a 12 ga tinned marine cable. This should also add to the life of our product and keep you on the water year after year.