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Magnum Metalz Great Lakes Fishing EquipmentMAGNUM  METALZ

Magnum Metalz was started due to the failure of the manufactures of the "Vector Downrigger". I was given a promise when I sold the company that quality and customer service would continue. It did not. When Nature Vision closed and sold the downrigger/rod holder division off I was hoping that the new company would be better. So far it has not proven to be. So, during the past 10 years I have built a state of the art manufacturing facility capable of producing the quality product that I based the original Vector product line on. Here we will re-introduce quality back in to fishing equipment.



Magnum Machining is the backbone of the Magnum Metalz product line. The shop sports 15 CNC Machines and all components of the downriggers and rod holders are manufactured at this facility. Billet aluminum and stainless steel are brought in and machined to exacting tolerances then plated to withstand years of use and abuse. After plating they are then assembled and packaged by one of our experienced technicians in our modern plant.